A soliloquy adaptation of the song Cracked Heart

It was Charles Bridge in Prague.
Covered with snow, barren and bleak at night!
You went on a trip to Prague with your brother for new year, I remembered.
Did our hearts separate since then?
Did you walk on the bridge, holding her left hand?

Here on the soft couch I repose, picturing our own vacation and travels.
But no, I must hurry not to miss the party.
When the clock strikes twelve,
When the fireworks shine the sky,
I saw you striding along the Vltava river with a glass of champagne in your hand.

A scarred heart, a loner lately
Withdrawn from friends’ calls and messages, I left voicemails unchecked
Watching dozens of films to spend a long vacation,
I found no scenes to fill the scars
There was love, once full and real
And my life was complete

Rosy and firm were the prospects of our love,
Yet they crashed, my feelings pained and wrenched
A cracked heart, a melancholic lately
No words, strength and appetite
Feared not to stop, I drove all night
For no path equally unforgettable as you came in sight

My “creative” translation of the lyrics of Leehom Wang’s Cracked Heart (王力宏《裂心》)


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